Glenwood Veterinary Clinic offers many soft tissue surgery services. We regularly perform routine spays and neuters, mass removals, Caesarian sections, and other procedures involving the:

  • Gastrointestinal tract (to remove foreign objects or disease sections of the intestine)
  • Spleen (often to remove masses)
  • Urinary bladder (for removal of stones)

For more complicated orthopedic procedures, such as torn cruciate ligaments or luxating patellas, we bring in Dr. Steven Gentry, a highly experienced surgeon.

Our AAHA-accreditation means that we adhere to the strictest and most up-to-date protocols for anesthesia and pain management. We closely monitor vital parameters, including:

  • Oxygen saturation
  • EKG
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiratory rate
  • End-tidal CO2
  • And temperature

Safety and patient comfort are our top goals during all surgical procedures.