Equine Chiropractic

Dr. Hayter is certified in Equine Veterinary Medical Manipulation, aka Chiropractic. A chiropractic exam and adjustment can be a beneficial component of any sports medicine exam, but can benefit horses of any age, size, shape, or job (or lack thereof)! By working with your horse from nose to tail and ears to hooves, subluxations or restrictions are identified and different adjustment techniques are used to relieve those restrictions and alleviate subluxations. Not only does this help with muscle tension and soreness, but acts to reset the nervous system! You may notice your horse relax during their exam, and may continue to notice improvements in behavior in the following days. Small, meaningful movements are used to provide adjustments, as opposed to the big, loud, back-cracking movements some people may expect! You may still hear an ‘audible’ during some adjustments, but the best way to notice horses’ response to adjustments is licking and chewing, a head shake, or even a full body shake (this is like a standing ovation!).

While some horses improve significantly after just one visit, almost all continue to do well with routine care. Regular adjustments done every 4-6 weeks will keep your equine friend feeling and working their best.