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Since 1936, Glenwood Veterinary Clinic has been providing quality veterinary care and exceptional service to a full array of large and small animals. Our practice focuses primarily on horses, dogs and cats, but also provides veterinary service to other farm animals and smaller pets. With two small animal veterinarians on staff we can provide a variety of small animal services for both routine appointments and surgical care. GVC is a referral hospital providing excellent care to large animals across the western slope. Our large animal staff consists of well-qualified veterinarians that as a team provide 24/7 emergency services in the field. Our veterinarians have extensive training in various fields of equine medicine including equine surgery, dentistry, reproduction, and integrative therapies. We are well-equipped with a full array of diagnostic tools as well as the facility to provide excellent care for critical equine patients.

At Glenwood Veterinary Clinic, we treat your animals like the valued family members they are, and we look forward to welcoming you and your four-legged companions to our office soon!

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Meet Our Vets

  • Dr.
    Dennis Luedke
    DVM, Practice Owner and Senior Partner

    Dr. Luedke’s love of animals was cultivated from his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. Growing up in the Denver area, he was exposed to veterinary medicine at an early age as his father was a veterinarian and virologist and worked in the arthropod-borne disease research lab in Denver. His fondest memories were of taking care of sick and debilitated animals that his father would bring home from the research facility to get intensive care at the family home.

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  • Dr.
    Rocky Mease
    DVM, Practice Owner

    Dr. Rocky Mease is a western Colorado native who truly enjoys helping people to live happier lives by keeping their furry, four-legged friends happy and healthy. Dr. Mease made the choice later in life to change careers from a heavy equipment mechanic welder and become a veterinarian. This choice has allowed him to live and work in a small community where he can get to know his clients and their four-legged family members personally. It is this connection that allows Dr. Mease to focus on individualized care for his patients.

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  • Dr.
    Sam Johnson

    A Colorado native, Dr. J was born in Boulder and grew up in south Denver. While attending high school at Regis Jesuit, Sam spent most of his free time working at a local emergency clinic and volunteering at the Denver Dumb Friends League. Sam attended Boston College where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. While at BC, he worked as a veterinary technician, completed a large animal internship at the Denver Zoo, and studied abroad on the Galapagos Islands.

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Read What Our Clients Say

    "Dr Sam Johnson treated my mule Shorty. I was very impressed with Dr Johnson's knowledge, compassion and thoroughness. He took the time to explain treatment options and even followed up to see how Shorty's recovery was coming along."

    Susan B. via Facebook

    "Great to meet Dr Sam and his crew. Professional and caring service! Thank you!"

    Pam S. via Facebook

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