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Financial Policy:
1. Routine services must be paid for at the time service is rendered. We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.
2. First time clients and emergencies must pay a deposit of 50% or $100, whichever is greater, before treatment can begin. The remaining balance must be paid when the animal is discharged.
3. For clients with pre-arranged and GVC clinic ownership approved, credit at GVC, interest of 2% per month (minimum of $8.00 each month) will be assessed to ALL accounts after the first 30 days.
4.No additional services may be charged to any account with a balance due over 30 days, unless arrangements are made with the attending veterinarian and approved by GVC clinic ownership.
5. I acknowledge that photos of the procedure and/or my animal may be used for social media purposes.

*I acknowledge that I am the Owner of the animal(s) identified above or an authorized agent representing the owner as such, I am authorized to bind the Owner here under as Client.