Dennis Luedke, DVM

Large Animal Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Luedke’s love of animals was cultivated from his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. Growing up in the Denver area, he was exposed to veterinary medicine at an early age as his father was a veterinarian and virologist and worked in the arthropod-borne disease research lab in Denver. His fondest memories were of taking care of sick and debilitated animals that his father would bring home from the research facility to get intensive care at the family home.


Dr. Luedke graduated from veterinary school at Colorado State University in 1983 and completed a 1-year internship at Littleton Large Animal Clinic upon graduation. Over the next 7 years, Dr. Luedke worked in a 2-man equine-exclusive ambulatory practice in Mesa, Arizona. This practice was primarily involved in equine reproduction, show horses, and racing thoroughbreds and quarter horses. In 1990 he accepted a position as an associate at Glenwood Veterinary Clinic and became an owner of the practice in 1993. He sold the practice to Dr. Johnson in 2019 and has stayed on the team as an equine veterinarian.