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Allison Cawley, CVT

Veterinary Technician, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

Allison was born and raised in central Minnesota. She spent much of her childhood helping out on her grandmother’s farm and uncountable hours working and volunteering at animal shelters and horse stables. There has also been a myriad of animals her family has had around their own place. Starting at a very young age she knew she was meant to have a career with animals. Throughout the years, Allison had tried working in a few places but it was while being a head wrangler at a ranch in Colorado that she decided that Colorado is where she needed to be, and in April of 2015, she moved back out to CO to work at GVC. Her goal in this career is to take what she can learn and pass it on to pet owners so they can ensure great and happy lives for their pets. 


Allison got her first degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota, but when she found that it wasn’t quite the right fit she went back to school and got her Vet Tech degree from the Minnesota School of Business.

Personal Life

Almost all of Allison’s free time goes towards caring for and spending time with her ‘zoo’ of animals which ranges from turtles to horses.