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Equine-Specific Services

At Glenwood Veterinary Clinic, we understand the unique needs of horses. Our facilities and services have been designed to meet these needs and help our equine patients live long, healthy and productive lives. In addition to routine wellness care and preventative medicine, diagnostics, surgery and dental care, GVC also provides the following specialized care for horses.

Ambulatory Service

We have full-sized 4WD ambulatory units at GVC to allow Drs. Luedke and Johnson to make farm calls throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen, Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, west to Silt, New Castle, Rifle, Parachute and east to the Eagle/Edwards, Gypsum, and Vail region. All trucks are fully equipped with refrigeration, hot and cold water, full dental equipment, most medications, and equipment that allows our veterinarians to perform many field surgical procedures. Radiology and ultrasound can also be performed in the field as part of this service.

Lameness Diagnosis

All of our equine veterinarians routinely perform both simple and complex lameness evaluations. These are performed in the clinic or the field by Drs. Luedke and Johnson. Several trotting surfaces are available at GVC for evaluation, and the ability to take digital radiographs and perform ultrasound exams as needed enhances our diagnostic ability. Lameness exams typically take 2-3 hours and are may involve the use of diagnostic nerve and joint blocks. Beyond steroid joint injections, we also use the following treatment modalities:

Pro-Stride Autologous Protein Solution

Pro-Stride is a steroid-free, natural, anti-inflammatory joint therapy whose output produces a concentrated solution of cells, platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory proteins including IL-1ra. It has clinically demonstrated pain relief at 52 weeks following a single injection! Even more exciting is that there is no waiting time for incubation. We pull blood on your horse and within 20 minutes, the Pro-Stride is ready to inject! Unlike IRAP, there is not a series of injections, just one and done! Pro-Stride is most often used in joints but can also be used in tendon and ligament injuries.

IRAP – Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein

IRAP is a treatment modality designed to enhance healing in soft tissues and joints. GVC was the first practice on the Western Slope to offer IRAP therapy, which harvests, concentrates, and purifies potent anti-inflammatory molecules from the patient’s own blood for injection into injured joints and tendon sheaths.

Stem Cell Therapy

We also have experience with all three methods of harvesting and concentrating stem cells. We now work primarily with bone marrow derived stem cells from the sternum or hip and have used this treatment with great success in severe tendon and ligament injuries, as well as arthritic joints. We have also started using CenTrate, a bone marrow aspirate concentration device that allows us to process mesenchymal stem cells, white blood cells and plasma proteins from your horse to treat orthopedic disease or tendon and ligament injuries.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma (Restigen)

PRP has rapidly become a popular treatment in both human and veterinary medicine, and works by harvesting the patient’s own blood, from which our in-house laboratory isolates and concentrates platelet rich plasma. PRP is uniquely rich in both healing and anti-inflammatory growth factors and other products that can be used in tendon and ligament injuries, wounds and potentially joints. Restigen PRP consistently yields greater than 90% of platelets at a 9-fold concentration. This high level of platelets may be used for recruitment and proliferation of cells in the healing process. Although many veterinarians may offer PRP, the actual concentration of platelets and activation states vary tremendously. We are confident that Owl Manor offers the highest quality product available for your horse. This PRP can be using in joints to aid in the healing of tendons or ligaments.

Shock Wave Therapy

Glenwood Veterinary Clinic has used focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy to successfully treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems since 2004. This state of the art technology has greatly enhanced our ability to manage ligament, tendon, bone and joint injuries, and return equine athletes to competition with better healing than with rest alone. This can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities described below. Interestingly, shock wave is also showing great potential for wound management.

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