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Help Your Mare Have a Safe Delivery

If your mare has made it through 11 months of pregnancy, you’re almost home free. Labor and delivery, while momentous, are generally uneventful. In most cases, you will simply need to be a quiet observer – if, that is, you are lucky enough to witness the birth. Mares seem to prefer to foal at night … Continue reading »

Parvo: Potential Puppy Peril

What is canine parvovirus? Canine parvovirus (parvo) is one of the most common and severe GI diseases of dogs.  Parvovirus is an extremely hardy virus that can be spread when a dog comes into contact with the feces of an infected dog. Parvovirus most frequently attacks puppies younger than 1 year of age.  The virus … Continue reading »

Ernie is Walking!

Ernie has made incredible improvement throughout his rehabilitation with Dr. Elizabeth Dooher here at GVC.  He has started walking!  He is wobbly, but the progress is very encouraging.  He found a wonderful new home on the Front Range.  Read his story in the Post Independent using the link below. Ernie in the Post Independent

Ernie got a mention on 9News

Hope this link works for you to have a look at some work that Dr. Dooher is doing for a dog that is up at Colorado Animal Rescue.